Ep 45: Noelle Martin and Lindsay Pruss with Lunch Box Rescue


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Although nutrition and the mental capacity of school-aged children are inextricably linked, for some parents, getting your kids to eat healthy foods may seem like an impossible task. If you are a parent of a fussy child, or a parent looking for ways to broaden your little ones’ food horizons, Noelle Martin and Lindsay Pruss are coming to your rescue today! In this episode, we discuss a variety of ways that you can get your children involved in the preparation of their own lunch box meals, which makes them much more likely to eat them. Lindsay and Noelle redefine the act of “playing with your food” into something that should actually be encouraged and our guests also share some of the important factors to consider when choosing which lunch box to buy, and ways to encourage your kids to eat fruit that has turned slightly brown. Their solutions are simple and very effective, so listen in today to cure those lunch box blues!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The key to ensuring that children love eating the healthy food in their lunch boxes.
  • How to incorporate sweets into your child’s lunch box.
  • Lindsay and Noelle share what their favorite lunch box containers are.
  • Benefits of bento-box-style lunch boxes.
  • Factors to take into consideration before deciding which lunch box you buy.
  • The value of getting children to participate in meal and lunch box preparation.
  • Why fewer surprises are better when it comes to lunch box food.
  • How “playing with food” can actually be a good idea.
  • Results from a study used to determine how food-related television shows impact children’s food choices.
  • Tricks which will encourage children to eat fruit that is browning.
  • How to help your children learn to deal with time constraints around eating at school.
  • Vegetarian-friendly protein options for lunch boxes.
  • Impacts of nutrition on children’s mental capacity.
  • Lindsay and Noelle’s best strategies for meal preparation.

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