Ep 41: Phoebe Liebling on Taking the Stress Out of Your Nutrition


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In today’s episode, we tackle some of the most common nutritional conundrums with a well-respected nutritional therapist and scientist that speaks in terms anyone can understand. Phoebe Liebling is a Nutritional Therapist and Clinical Director working in London, England, whose practice centres around the use of a Functional Medicine Approach to offer bespoke nutritional advice, encompassing all aspects of an individual's diet, lifestyle, and environment. By addressing the underlying root cause of a person's symptoms rather than merely looking to manage them, Phoebe aims to not just allow her clients to be 'well', but also strives for optimal long-term health, wellness, and fitness. Listen in as we dive into the dirty and sometimes shocking truth about healthy fats, the use of statins for high cholesterol, and some of the simple diet and lifestyle changes you can make to manage your cholesterol naturally. We also weigh in on some trendy topics, like whether or not ‘intuitive eating’ is actually any good, the age-old butter versus margarine argument, and why you shouldn’t view carbs as the root of all evil. This is one conversation that you don’t want to miss, so make sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Phoebe Liebling and her practice in London.
  • Hear Phoebe’s revolutionary approach to high cholesterol and the use of statins to treat it.
  • Simple lifestyle and diet changes you can make to positively impact your cholesterol levels.
  • Phoebe highlights the power of protein, colour, and fibre.
  • She weighs in on the butter versus margarine argument; choose good quality, organic fats.
  • Some easy alternatives to unnecessarily heating oil and fats; try to incorporate cold fats.
  • How to make food a therapy and bring the joy and enjoyment back to your diet.
  • Why Phoebe advocates against over-restriction; take the stress out of your nutrition!
  • Tips for finding the energy to take care of yourself, starting with proper breathing techniques.
  • Why Phoebe recommends choosing tea over coffee for the benefit of your adrenal system.
  • Breaking down the boundaries around what you perceive as exercise; a walk is great!
  • Hear from Pure-Lē Natural’s Joel Thuna about their Sublingual Active Vitamin B12 drops.
  • Phoebe’s answers from the hot seat, such as which colour she embodies, her preferred superpower, and what sound a giraffe would make.
  • Phoebe’s perspective on the trendy topic of ‘intuitive eating’ and being in tune with your body.
  • Her advice for those struggling with their weight to help them avoid all-or-nothing diets.
  • Why you don’t necessarily need to exclude things from your diet, especially carbohydrates.

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