Ep 4: Genetic and Food Sensitivity Testing with Nancy Tran


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Our guest on the show today is Nancy Tran, a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN). Nancy is also a certified strength and conditioning coach, and it was her own struggles with fatigue, brain fog, and binge eating disorder that prompted her to take charge of her health and become a holistic nutritionist. Her greatest joy is helping others achieve their goals, break bad habits, and improve their overall health. In this episode, she talks to Stephenie and Karen about exchanging her career in finance for one in health and fitness, why CSNN was her school of choice, and what specific areas she specialized in. We then dive into the topic of genetic testing, uncovering how it is administered, what components are looked at, how accurate it is, and how long someone typically has to wait for results. She also gives some insights into the procedures around food sensitivity testing, the supplementation she recommends for all her clients, and the importance of drinking enough wēater. As the show wraps up, Nancy shares her biggest mistakes and accomplishments and talks about what she would most want to be remembered for. Also, stay tuned to learn more about Pure-lē Natural’s stevia product that can be used exactly like sugar!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear how Nancy’s journey with nutrition began while she still worked in a different industry.
  • She shares about the mental and physical health issues that compelled her to make changes.
  • Why she chose to study through the CSNN and also pursue her fitness certification.
  • Nancy talks about the areas she specializes in, including strength training and gut health.
  • Why genetic testing might be the key when all other interventions have failed to work.
  • Learn how genetic testing works, what it can reveal about a person, and how accurate it is.
  • The symptoms of poor gut health and the costs and processes around food sensitivity testing.
  • Why Pure-lē Natural’s Spoonable Stevia might be the sweetener you’ve been looking for!
  • Nancy shares the supplementation she recommends for all of her clients.
  • The importance of consuming enough water and doing away with plastic water bottles.
  • What Nancy wishes she knew when she first started as a nutritionist and fitness trainer.
  • Why she decided to go the nutrition rather than the dietician route.

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