Ep 33: Donna Herringer with the Importance of Regulation and the Benefits of CBD Oils


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If you’ve ever wondered about the safety of natural food products or why it is that CBD oil has been getting so much attention lately, then today’s episode is for you! Our guest today, Donna Herringer, has had a tremendous impact on how natural health foods are regulated in Canada. She is a formidable figure in her field, having worked as the general manager at Quest Vitamins for several years and going on to serve as a highly impactful CEO for The Canada Health Food Association to help bring about massive changes in the industry. We talk with Donna about Canada’s regulatory framework for natural health products and how it sets a unique global standard for ensuring trusted safety and efficacy. This framework has helped the sector thrive economically by allowing producers to put claims on their labels once they are Health Canada approved. In our conversation, we discuss the tremendous amount of work it took to bring about this framework, how it has impacted the consumer, and why Donna is determined to have CBD oil be classified as a natural health product. We dive into the many benefits of CBD oil, such as its ability to target inflammation, pain, and sleep disorders, and unpack why it’s currently not available in pharmacies. For all this and more, join us today for an enlightening conversation on the fascinating machinations of CBD oil and what you as an individual can do to improve access throughout Canada!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Meet today’s guest Donna Herringer.
  • The tremendous amount of work that was involved in CHFA.
  • Why implementing a regulatory framework in Canada helped the economy around natural health food products grow and thrive.
  • Why Health Canada Approved products are guaranteed to be safer and more effective.
  • The regulatory framework for health food products in Canada sets the global standard.
  • Canada is the only country with a unique category for natural health products.
  • The current rules and uses of CBD oil in Canada.
  • What Donna is doing to change the regulation around CBD oil in Canada.
  • Donna recounts her experience purchasing CBD oil and why she wants to change the consumer experience.
  • We subject Donna to our lightning-round questions.
  • Donna’s goals for CBD oil as an approved health food product.
  • The therapeutic benefits of CBD oil and understanding why it’s distinct from THC oil.
  • How the natural health economy and the industry around CBD
  • How listeners can have a positive impact on improving access to safe and effective CBD oils.
  • The geeky details of how CBD oil can benefit your overall health.
  • The impressive effects that CBD oil can have on inflammation.
  • How CBD oil can address some of the issues caused by a high-stress modern lifestyle that often lacks exercise, sleep, and nutrients.

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