Ep 32: Tiare Boyes on Sustainable Seafood


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We all know that the oceans are in trouble. There is garbage piling up, there are microplastics polluting the water, and questions are being raised about the integrity of sustainable fishing. It has left many of us wondering: should we be eating seafood at all? Well, this is a wave of an episode that hopes to answer that question, featuring a refreshingly honest interview with renowned ocean ambassador, Tiare Boyes. Tiare is a passionate marine conservationist who works in the fishing industry as a second-generation fisherman. She is passionate about using her voice to ensure that seafood is not left off the table when it comes to global discussions around biological sustainability, food security, and optimum nutrition and, in this episode she highlights the importance of focusing on and advocating for the health of our oceans without villainizing the fishing industry as a whole and shares what we can do as individuals to have a positive impact on our oceans. Tune in today to learn more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear what gearing up for an upcoming fishing expedition entails.
  • As a second-generation fisherman, Tiare describes what she loves about fishing.
  • Find out why she believes that there is room on our tables for sustainably caught fish.
  • Why we should be concerned about the state of our oceans without villainizing fishing.
  • How making a difference through individual action is equally as important as holding larger corporations accountable.
  • Tiare shares some resources for those concerned about eating seafood sustainably.
  • Hear some examples of what sustainable fishing practices actually look like.
  • Some of the Canadian and international policies in place to regulate fishing practices.
  • Ensuring policies not only focus on sustainability but food security and optimum nutrition too.
  • A word from our sponsor, Joel Thuna of Canada’s oldest herbal company, Pure-Lē Natural!
  • Decisions consumers can make to have a positive impact on oceans, like choosing to eat Wild Pacific Halibut or seaweed products.
  • Tiare emphasizes the importance of funding the collection of credible data.
  • Why she encourages listeners to carefully research the organizations that they support.
  • Demystifying sustainable seafood terminology on grocery store labels.
  • The lightning question round, from Tiare’s favorite seafood to her guilty pleasure and more!
  • What is has been like for Tiare as a woman in the typically male-dominated fishing industry.
  • Tiare’s advice for young, aspiring fishermen or future marine conservationists.

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