Ep 3: Keeping it Natural But Real with Monika Tupholme


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Today, Stephenie Farrell and Karen Hong sit down with Monika Tupholme, a performance, and functional nutrition and fitness expert. This 47-year-old mother of two has over 25 years of experience in the field, working with busy, athletic women over 40 who feel stuck with their health goals. She is the founder and creator of the 3M System — a plan for revving up your over-forty metabolism – and a former professional volleyball player who is all about living a healthy, natural lifestyle while not forgetting to kick back and have a burger now and then. Because she says perfection should not be the goal – even when you are a health and wellness coach. Food is first and foremost about nutrition and fuel for your body but it is also a means of expressing and celebrating your culture and experiences as a human being. Monika gets into the importance of time management for busy moms, highlighting the need to make time for self-care and the things that bring you joy since these are the number one antidotes to stress and anxiety. She is careful, however, to distinguish between active and passive self-care, although there is a place for both. For her, self-care needs to not only fill your bucket but also train you to better cope with stressful situations. Tuning in, listeners will also hear about the lifestyle and mindset values she hopes to teach her children and the biggest wins in her life and career.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Monika talks about managing her kids in the pandemic and having children later in life.
  • The shift that happens when you hit 40 and the community Monika has created around it.
  • Focusing on everyday athletes and women who want to challenge themselves in a sport.
  • The difference between functional nutrition and fitness and conventional approaches.
  • Talking to people and other advice for those who want to pursue a career in this field.
  • Monika uncovers the myth that practitioners in this field are perfect and don’t struggle.
  • The idea that food is not only fuel but also an expression and experience of culture and life.
  • How her mentors, coaches, and family inspired and motivated her to build her business.
  • The challenge of managing your time as a mother, partner, business owner, and athlete.
  • Hear some of the habits and mindsets that Monika would like to pass down to her kids.
  • The activated charcoal product that will help you sort out digestive problems of any kind!
  • Monika’s biggest wins: living her own truth and helping others do the same in a natural way.
  • Thinking of self-care as an activity that fills your bucket and trains you to deal with stressors.

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