Ep 29: Dr Franco Cavaleri on Dethroning Turmeric, Optimising Performance, and Preserving Youth with Natural Ingredients


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For years, turmeric has been celebrated for its numerous health properties. In today’s episode of the Natural Health Influencer Podcast we speak to Franco Calaveri who dethrones turmeric from its hero status in the health world. He replaces it with the true star - curcumin and we talk about the life changing effects of this powerful extract as far as anti-aging, skin health and inflammation are concerned. Next, we speak about the role of inflammation in disease and aging before Franco introduces us to the unique relationship ketones have with our brain and liver function and how the new supplement Ketoba can support physical performance and promote brain function in combination with a ketogenic diet. Tune in to learn about optimizing performance and preserving youth with natural ingredients.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why turmeric’s anti-inflammatory effects are not very powerful despite the spice containing curcuminoids.
  • How the distribution of curcuminoids in a given sample of curcumin can drastically change its impact (or absence thereof) on your health.
  • How curcumin works faster than pharmaceuticals in order to provide anti-inflammatory and pain relief.
  • How to map the pharmacology of curcumin in order to understand the way in which its proteins work together to boost our health.
  • Why anti-inflammatory function is so important in treating all kinds of disease.
  • How the body becomes increasingly prone to inflammation as we age.
  • The way in which the liver uses ketones to support brain function on a ketogenic diet and how this can be leveraged for energy and weight-loss
  • Why athletes are excited about Ketoba as a supplement to boost performance and how it promotes brain health.
  • What Type 3 Diabetes entails
  • How ketones can help neurons to perform the necessary function to reduce the effects of alzheimers and other cognitive deficits.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Franco Cavaleri on Twitter: @biologichealth
Franco Cavaleri on Instagram: @cavalerifranco

Biologic Nutrigenomics: http://www.biologicnr.com/
Vista Magazine: https://vistamagazine.ca/

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