Ep 27: Dr. Lisa Petty on Making Sense of Midlife


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In today’s episode, we’re asking: what is getting in the way of your success? We all make promises to ourselves and then don’t follow through. Create the life that you really want with today’s special guest, Dr. Lisa Petty! Dr. Petty started her career as a holistic nutritionist and health researcher, becoming a sought-after speaker and a world-renowned author. After several years of working with women who were struggling to follow through on their health goals, Lisa returned to university where she earned a Ph.D. for her research on how midlife women face social pressures to be perfect in every facet of their lives. In this episode, Lisa shares her insight and wisdom to help you navigate some of the rude awakenings that happen at midlife, focus on yourself and what you want and need, and practice self-acceptance so that you can make sense of midlife and create the life that you really want!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Lisa explains what the ‘rude awakening’ is that happens for women at midlife.
  • Turning story-keeping into storytelling to help women cope a little easier.
  • How you can view these rude awakenings as an opportunity to pay attention to your needs.
  • Why Lisa believes that women aren’t focusing on self-care; the pressure to do ‘both-and’.
  • The eight facets of wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, professional, financial, and environmental.
  • Into the lightning round; find out what Lisa’s favorite food, animal, and superpower are.
  • A quick word from Joel Thuna about Pure-lē Natural’s Organic Vitamin D3 + K2 Drops.
  • How women can avoid falling into the trap of perfectionism and “doing it all” by focusing on what they want and need.
  • If you don’t like the term ‘self-care’, you can list individual feel-good activities for yourself.
  • Lisa shares a story of when she snapped at her children because she was overwhelmed.
  • Letting go of the pressure to be perfect starts with realizing that nobody is.
  • How you can navigate both physical and mental distractions from the life you want to lead.
  • The role that body image and self-acceptance play for women at midlife.

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