Ep 17: The Power of Health Coaching with Kristine Faza


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Starting out on a health journey can feel overwhelming because you may not know where to start. Do you work on nutrition, exercise, or mental wellbeing first, or do you do it all at once? This is where a health coach comes in useful because they act as a guide, cheerleader, and accountability partner. Kristine Faza works as a health coach, something she decided to go into after receiving her Bachelor’s in Life Sciences. In this episode, Kristine talks about her background and the impact that her father and her own health struggles had on her decision to work in the natural health industry. We then dive into her coaching work, where Kristine expands on the services she provides and the specific types of clients she works with. Health is an all-encompassing term that touches on many aspects of life, so Kristine helps her clients in numerous different ways. We also talk about limiting beliefs and how they can hold us back from living our best lives, along with the major challenges Kristine sees her clients facing. Health coaches are curious and open to continuous learning, and if you feel like this is you, tune in to learn more about this fulfilling career path!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know Kristine and what drew her to working in the natural health industry.
  • Kristine’s own health struggles and how this led her down a path of exploration.
  • Making small changes can have a significant impact on your health.
  • Why Kristine decided to go into health coaching after college.
  • How Kristine defines health; it is layered and comprised of many elements.
  • What a health coach does and the services they offer.
  • The different types of clients Kristine works with and why she likes to have a broad reach.
  • A limiting belief that Kristine commonly sees in her clients.
  • Hear about some of the incredible benefits of D3 + K2 drops.
  • Some of the resources that have been most helpful to Kristine on her health journey.
  • The specific skill set that you need to become a health coach.
  • Kristine’s advice for those who are interested in health coaching: be open to learning.
  • How yoga teacher training pushed Kristine outside of her comfort zone.
  • The biggest diet-related challenges Kristine sees her clients facing.
  • Why Kristine would choose flying and the ability to bring comfort to people as her superpowers.
  • Looking forward: what Kristine hopes for her future.

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