Ep 16: Holistic Health Coaching and the Power of Reiki with Gillian Krejcir


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Holistic health has many different components and associated professions, all of which may be able to help the individual with a part of their life or an issue they are facing. Today, with the aid of holistic health coach Gillian Krejcir, we look at what this role looks like and how it fits into the general framework of holistic health. Gillian gives us great insight into what actually constitutes a health coach, and what her practice looks like at present. She also talks about her journey to this point in her career, the pivot she made into healthcare, and how her father's death influenced this decision. We talk about Reiki, an interesting element of Gillian's practice, and how she conducts this work in-person as well as remotely in the time of the pandemic. Gillian deals with a lot of issues of anxiety and stress for her clients and she sheds some light on her simple approach to better management of these challenges, focussing on rest, sleep, and self-care. We also focus more pointedly on emotional and mental health in the era of quarantine and our guest offers a few useful tips for surviving these strange times. For all this great wisdom and a whole lot more useful discussion, be sure to join us for this episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Gillian's journey into holistic health and the influence that her father's battle with cancer had on her.
  • What differentiates holistic health coaching from other similar roles.
  • The other professionals that Gillian works with in order to assist her clients.
  • Gillian's explanation of Reiki and the potential benefits of the practice.
  • The practical setup for Reiki sessions; human touch, energy points, and remote work.
  • Common issues with anxiety and stress with which Gillian helps her clients.
  • Gillian's academic background and how her MBA connects with her work in healthcare.
  • Simple, actionable advice for dealing with stress and anxiety from Gillian.
  • Modalities and strategies that Gillian has developed; overlaps and divergence for clients.
  • Dealing with the uncertainty of the pandemic and Gillian's philosophy of slowing down.
  • Tips for improving sleep and utilizing a healthy bedtime routine.
  • Finding a healthy way to balance commitments and screen time in the quarantine era.
  • The story behind the superfoods recipe ebook that Gillian published!
  • Expectations going into a session with a holistic health coach like Gillian.
  • The superpower that Gillian wishes for, to use in her coaching practice.
  • Gillian's hopes and aspirations for the future of her holistic health practice!

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