Ep 10: Fostering Healthy Relationships with Food and Our Bodies, with Carla Centola


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We are joined today by Karen Hong our moderator, and our guest Carla Centola. Karen is a certified nutritional practitioner with ten plus years of personal training and nutritional experience. She is a former NCAA full-scholarship golfer at the University of Central Florida, ran three full marathons, and qualified for the Boston Marathon by the age of 21. She has also competed in numerous fitness competitions and has done extensive research on healing naturally, integrating the mind-body-soul connection, the importance of a healthy attitude, and a positive mindset. She loves building relationships in the natural health industry will like-minded individuals, earning about their health journey, and overcoming adversity. Carla, is a registered dietician in B.C and is passionate about preventative measures, and has been working as a dietician at Frasier Health Authority and in private practice in the beautiful city of Port Moody, B.C.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Carla shares more about what she does.
  • She clarifies the difference between a dietician and a holistic nutritionist.
  • More about her passion for preventive measures with regards to diet.
  • Why she was drawn to diabetes as a field or sector to work in.
  • Carla shares more about her love for nature.
  • She shares her gratitude of living in a society that values what they eat and how they live.
  • Nutrition assessments and how they are very individualized to the unique person.
  • Bringing in different aspects of healthy living and holistic treatment into her daily job.
  • Carla shares her own personal food approach and how she views food.
  • Moderation and the place it has in nutrition and food.
  • The concept of intuitive eating and getting to a point where you don’t worry about your food intake.
  • Being fully hydrated and the benefits thereof.
  • Where Carla will focus on for the future: Nutrition in mental health and addictions.
  • She shares her thoughts and opinions on supplements: Taking a food first approach.
  • We go over Calcium and B12 supplements in detail and the pros and cons of them.
  • What would Carla most like to be remembered for?

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