THE CELLAR Ep. 12 - ILE by Eugene O'Neill


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"Do you dare to go down into...THE CELLAR?"

Welcome to the twelfth number in our continuing horror/suspense anthology series! Our stories are either original, or inspired by, or adapted from pulp fiction and classic literature, but they're guaranteed all-new productions, and no repeats from other series.

And now, we proudly present our Season 1 Finale, "ILE", adapted by our director Pete Lutz, from stage play by celebrated American playwright Eugene O'Neill -- a story that asks the question, "Is it a good idea to bring your fragile wife along on a two-year whaling voyage?" Listen and find out, and ENJOY, my friends!


ANNOUNCER: Graham Rowat


BEN: George Hatfield

THE MATE: Mark Kalita

MRS. KEENEY: Ebony Rose

JOE: Gareth Severn

with CREWMEN'S VOICES by John Bell, Paul Arbisi & Pete Lutz

Music for this episode was performed by Ross Bernhardt

"The Cellar" theme composed and performed by Tom Rory Parsons

With Season One complete, "The Cellar" goes on a short hiatus as we prepare episodes for Season Two, plus a number of special productions for the 2021 Sonic Summerstock Playhouse. We thank you for listening and we hope you enjoyed the first dozen episodes of..."The Cellar"!

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