THE CELLAR Ep. 10 - The Dead Man


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"The Dead Man", adapted from a story by Ray Bradbury

"Do you dare to go down into...THE CELLAR?"

Welcome to the tenth number in our continuing horror/suspense anthology series! Our stories are either original, or inspired by, or adapted from pulp fiction and classic literature, but they're guaranteed all-new productions, and no repeats from other series.

We know it's been about 10 months since our last "Cellar" episode, and we are glad to be back! Production on the series was halted due to many other projects that Pete got involved in, but he hopes to keep his eye on the ball, and his hand on the tiller, and his nose to the grindstone...and his butt in the producer's chair!

And with that being said...we proudly present "The Dead Man", adapted by our director Pete Lutz, from a pulp-fiction story by Ray Bradbury -- a young man in a small town is ridiculed by his fellow denizens because he claims he's dead. But is he? ENJOY, my friends!


ANNOUNCER: Graham Rowat

MRS. RIBMOLL: Geri Elliff


SIMPSON: Jason D. Johnson


MISS WELDON: Jessica Rainville

BARBERSHOP LOAFERS: Alan Clower, Kevin Schuster, Leo Longoria, Russ Walker, Ross Bernhardt

SHERIFF: Cary Michael Ayers

ODD MARTIN: Rich Wentworth

TEENAGERS: Curt Johnson, Nick Wommack, Becca Tribble, Rita Tribble

CHARLIE'S MOM: Lisa Espinoza

CHARLIE'S DAD: Austin Beach

"The Cellar" theme composed and performed by Tom Rory Parsons

NEXT EPISODE: "The Woman at Loon Point" -- a tale of werewolves in the American Northwest!

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