PROJECT AUDION 18 - Pearls are a Nuisance


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(Orig. launch date 5/7/21) Project Audion's 2nd season begins like our first season, with an episode of the classic radio drama Suspense. "Pearls are a Nuisance", aired on CBS 4/20/50, is a satirical detective drama based on a story by Raymond Chandler, which starred Ray Milland. Walter Gage is trying to track down some stolen pearls, and must call upon a gentleman of dubious morals to help him.

Our transcribed-live drama includes voice actors from California all the way to England:

Joe Mendell (UK) – Announcer

Pete Lutz (TX) - Harlow Wilcox, Henry

Doug Fain (TX) - Walter

Rhiannon McAfee (CA) - Ellen

Angela Young (FL) - Dora, Teller

Greg McAfee (CA) - Mr. Gallemore, Voice

Dana Gonsalves (TX) - Manager, Scandesi

Mr. Lutz directed, while Larry Groebe handled production and sound.

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