Trailer: Season Two (Part 1)


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*Sound the trumpets* Myth Dynamite has a Season Two coming your way and (in our humble opinion) it’s GLORIOUS. From highbrow academic discussions about ekphrasis – it’s more interesting than it sounds – to lowbrow (and shameless) Odysseus bashing, this season is jampacked with fun facts galore. We start from the OG of mythological women HERSELF – Helen of Troy – and wind our way through Cloud Cuckoo Land, sexy hybrids, the beautiful Cyclops (yeah that’s right), to the life of Agrippina, the Empress who could rival any myth. We’re bringing you another interview episode, this time with the wonderful Hardeep Dhindsa (find him on Twitter, @_HardeepDhindsa, and thank us later), and we toast the season with a cheeky glass of red for the god of wine himself. The season will kick off on 18 December, but if you can’t wait, we’ve got a teaser (or three) to keep you going. WE’RE BACK BITCHES.

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