Odysseus Unmasked: Myth Dynamite x Greek Myth Comix


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Oooooooh a SPECIAL episode?! We are fancy AF. And we are absolutely DELIGHTED to be joined by the lovely Laura Jenkinson-Brown, the creator behind Greek Myth Comix. If you listened to our last two episodes of Myth Dynamite Season 2 (and if you haven’t ... rude) then you will know that Abi and Sarah got a bit ... well ... mad about Odysseus.
Listening back, we felt an external point of view might balance things a bit. That’s where Jenks comes in.
Jenks’ knowledge of the Odyssey is DEEP (I mean the nerdy references alone... we can’t even) and it has inspired her comics, merch and even a ‘Choose your own adventure’ book, Odyssey-style (coming out of hiding for the FIRST TIME in this episode!)
We planned to chat for 30 mins ... we recorded for 2 hours. It was a joy

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