Episodes Three: Hero (Part One)


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This time we’re bringing you a BIGGIE. The OG of myth, the big mumma of epic, probably one of the most famous stories from the Classical World: THE. TROJAN. WAR. And yeah – it’s another double (and this was us being concise... ish). If you’re hoping for a ‘A-Z of Troy’, then keep hoping. We’re not even sure that’s possible to be honest. But this episode should at least bring you the key players and events of the narrative.

Part 1 plunges you into the characters – heroes, kings, queens, prophetesses – some better known than others (Glaucus, we’re looking at you). We’re talking Agamemnon, we’re talking Achilles, we’re talking Helen ... and of course any excuse to wax lyrical about Hector a little more. Here’s where we background the war for you – literarily and mythologically. “What...?!”, we hear you cry “The Iliad wasn’t the only book about the Trojan War?!” That’s right people. We’ve got a WHOLE CYCLE (and the Iliad only covers a tiny part of the chronology). And the myths! THE MYTHS, dear listeners! What bit of fruit set off the chain reaction that would lead to the death of Patroklus (single tear)? Was it really all about Helen? What’s this Oath of Tyndareus all about anyway – obligatory MD eye roll about Odysseus.

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