Episode Three: What a Wonderful World


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Gosh, what a year this week has been! Don’t know about you, but we’re ready to Inception ourselves into wonderland, and live out our days in an idyllic ancient dreamworld That’s why today, somewhat hilariously, we bring you What A Wonderful World.
Tune in to hear about ancient mythological places, and how the ancients used utopian worlds (anachronism, we know - apologies) to imagine their best lives and scrutinise their real ones. We take you on a whistlestop tour - thanks to a request from one of our listeners - of Atlantis, Cloudcuckooland and Arcadia before joining some surprising dots between the old and new. Who knew that Atlantis, Hobbiton, Stranger Things and Harry Styles all had something common? Same - we can’t tell you how often we’ve thought about that exact group of completely unrelated miscellaneous things!

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