Episode Ten: Strange Magic


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*BREAKING NEWS* People’s Sexiest Hybrid Alive has been announced. Well, more accurately, Abi and Sarah accidentally spend most of this week’s episode discussing how sexy each hybrid group is. Remarkably, there’s more to this discussion than a simple case of objectification on our part. It’s interesting to us - fascinating to us in fact - how sexualised female hybrids have become since their narrative geneses in the ancient world. We also loved looking at which parts of these supernatural hybrids are animal, and which are human. And we’re not just talking about their physicality. Is the minotaur a horribly misunderstood hipster who just lives to smoke his meats in peace? Yes. Anyway, this week we take you through the six major hybrids of ancient myth: the Minotaur, Scylla, the Sphinx, Harpies, Sirens, and Centaurs. Tune in to hear us chat Disney, Harry Potter (obviously) and the terribly ill-advised breeding programme of Joe Exotic.

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