Episode Six: A White Lie / Myth Dynamite x Hardeep Dhindsa


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This episode, Abi and Sarah bring you our interview for Season Two with the wonderful Hardeep Dhindsa (*trumpet fanfare*). In our fascinating chat with Hardeep, we cover issues like the discipline divides in the UK, whiteness and Classics, and why most Classicists are “afraid of post-modernism”. (Honestly, anything this side of the eruption of Vesuvius is all a bit much for us). And we do this, all within an episode that brings you art (just can’t help ourselves), Troy and Troy: Fall of a City, studying in Rome, The Carter’s Apeshit, and Hardeep just generally ticking all of our mythological boxes (we’re looking at you Polyphemus and Sarpedon).

The title of this episode was lovingly ripped straight from Hardeep’s own MA thesis (with his kind permission) because we can’t resist a pun.

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