Episode Eight: Mother Knows Best (Part One)


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This week Abi and Sarah bring you a very exciting episode on one of our favourite ancient women! You could call her a one-woman band, but I think that’s grossly underestimating her wide variety of talents. This week, we take you through the extraordinary life and times of Agrippina the Younger! In Part One, we take you through Agrippina’s early life and experiences under the rules of Emperors Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius. We’ll show you the ancient fires in which this maneuverer extraordinaire was forged, casting a political figure of iron resolve. Whilst her methods are more than questionable, and we do not approve her message here at Myth Dynamite, we can’t help but admire a Roman counterpart’s rise to the highest seat in one of the most influential empire’s in history (especially in a time when her counterparts were limited to seats in general).

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