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Joining me is empath Samantha Fey. She is the author of "The Awake Dreamer: Lucid Dreaming", and "Astral Travel and Mastering the Dreamscape". Samantha has been working as an intuitive for over 15 years. In this episode she discusses the myriad of techniques for protection, and spiritual assists in the dream world and beyond; including a special sign from a shooting star. But how do we know if something is truly a sign from the unseen supernatural realm? Samantha suggests choosing a sign that you hope to see. She mentions how we all have a team of spiritual helpers known as angels, guides or spirits. Samantha also tells the story of how intention and prayer led to a misspelled email which saved someone's life. Dreams are capable of causing immense insights, creative bursts, bringing messages from loved ones, and have tremendous healing potential.
Samantha hosts two podcasts — Psychic Teachers and Enlightened Empaths — that are focused on teaching people to embrace their true gifts. Her goal is helping people see their connection to spirit. In readings, her specialty is tuning into people’s guides to help identify people’s soul purposes and life lessons and current challenges. A reading can help identify themes, patterns and core blocks in one's life. Samantha loves teaching classes and webinars that offer practical, hands-on, easy techniques for tuning into intuitive and mediumship abilities. She teaches classes on intuitive development, mediumship, crystals and manifesting.
Samantha is a Reiki Master and enjoys teaching Reiki and sharing this healing modality through her work. She writes for on a variety of topics from numerology and crystals to unsolved mysteries and psychic tools.
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