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World renown psychic medium, Tyler Henry, and star of the NETFLIX series Life after Death with Tyler Henry, joins me for a special episode of Mystic Lounge! Tyler discusses healing and the various paths to ego-death, which he believes is a crucial part of our personal evolutions. We cover many topics including questioning whether psychedelics are just a quick, but easy path toward mystical experiences. Are naturally occurring mystical experiences more meaningful? Tyler believes both are indeed connections to a deeper reality. He shares his thoughts on forgiveness, and whether severe and unchanging narcissists, who continue to hurt, are truly forgivable. Tyler believes that the global society is desperately in need of an increase of mystical experiences including sacred time for ourselves. Tyler is the author of "HERE and HEREAFTER: How Wisdom from the Departed Can Transform Your Life". https://www.thetylerhenrymedium.com/
Tyler Henry, continues to be the most sought-after clairvoyant medium both in the United States and around the world. His first television show, E! Entertainment’s mega-hit Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, showcased his unique gift of communicating with the other side and his ability to bring comfort, closure, and hope to his clients and viewers. In his new Neflix series, Tyler demonstrates how he uses his unique gift of communicating with the other side. Tyler’s goal has always been to aid in the grief process and provide validation and closure through his one-on-one private readings, his TV show, his book, and now his live shows.
Tyler began receiving intuitive mental images when he was only 10 years old with the foretelling of his grandmother’s death. As he continued cultivating his gift, sometimes even by “reading” his classmates, word began to spread around his small California hometown. As a teenager in Hanford, Tyler began thinking of a way to incorporate his gift into a career. He graduated high school early and began taking college classes to become a hospice nurse as he believed his calling was to help people comfortably transition to the other side. At the same time, he continued to cultivate his ability by doing private readings at a local bookstore.
Word of his talents quickly spread to Los Angeles where well-known celebrities began to request private readings. Tyler found they shared the same feelings of loss and grief as all of his other clients – a kind of unspoken commonality between all people.
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