Lakhota History, Culture, and Indigenous Supernatural Creatures of North America


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Joining me is Reuben Fast Horse! Reueben was born on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, and is a traditional Lakhota singer, dancer, flutist, drummer, craftsman and storyteller. Ancient, primitive and mystical rituals sought to invoke the supernatural world to the natural through music, dance and myth. Like dreams the songs, the costumes, the stories and the form of the dance contained messages coming from deep within the unconscious mind. Dreamstate is the ecstasy of experience in this sense nightmares are the ecstasy of fear. These often surreal, lucid and mysterious episodes are played out in our minds and communicate a language of symbols that awaken us to the spiritual potentialities of our collective being.
Our inspirations derive from myths & dreams where the divine mingles with humanity. The new mythology of our time is already here, the eye of reason, not of my economics, the eye of reason, not of my religion, the eye of reason, not of my linguistics, the eye of reason, not of my nationality, the eye of reason.
When you see the world as a part of yourself you will take care of it. When you see yourself as part of the world you will be taken care of.
When you see the earth from the moon there are no lines of division of states or nations.
We are the earth, we are the consciousness of the earth........these are the eyes of the earth and this is the voice of the earth. Fast Horse is an accomplished educator and Lakotah language instructor who has lectured on Native American culture to audiences in the United States and abroad.
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