Ep. 425: Is a Thanksgiving Dinner Considered a Hakhel Gathering Without Some Torah and Mitzvos?


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Rabbi Jacobson will discuss the following topics:

  • Chassidus Applied to ToldosWhy was Jacob deceptive in receiving the birthright and blessings?
    What do Jacob and Esau represent in our lives?
    What can we learn from Isaac and Rebecca to ensure that G-d blesses us with children?
    What was Esau thinking when he sold his birthright for... lentil soup?
  • Why do we assume that Hashem is only capable of doing good?
  • Is G-d beyond good and evil?
  • Chassidus Applied to Rosh Chodesh Kislev: What happened on this day and what lessons does it offer us?
  • Was the Kinus HaShluchim the Rebbe’s idea?
  • Is a Thanksgiving family dinner considered a Hakhel gathering or do we need to do something in the realm of Torah and Mitzvos?
  • Should I start learning Gemara Yerushalmi November 14 with the new cycle?
  • Who created G-d?
  • Follow-upDoes the acronym of the Rebbe Rashab have any deeper meaning?
    Why don’t we wear nose rings?
    Was Abraham wrong for not telling Sarah that he was instructed to sacrifice Isaac?
    Why did G-d test Abraham with ten tests but zero tests for Sarah?
    What is the difference between Malkitzedek and Abraham?
    Why are most of the great stories about Abraham told only in the Midrash?
    Is G-d invisible?
  • Why did you criticize someone for having a sense of entitlement for asking G-d to fulfill His promise to reward us for giving tzedakah?
  • Will there be another essay contest in the future?

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