Kariann shares her "Ghostbuster" stories. What does a Home or Business Clearing encompass. Kariann's home cleared of Battleground and "ghosts", Rhianna's home clearing and Katy's home clearing testimonial!


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Thinking about Halloween? I thought I'd share some of my "haunted" home and business Clearings.

Welcome back to Episode 5! With Halloween around the corner, I thought I’d talk about all of the “Haunted” houses and businesses that I’ve cleared. Are you wondering if I have to be on the property decked in Ghostbuster garb with paraphernalia in hand? I don’t blame you if you do, since that is what the movies have portrayed. You might even wonder if I see dead people or evil spirits. Again legitimate questions since those are unwanted presences that we want removed from our home.

Sorry to disappoint, but in reality, when I do a property reading and clearing, I don’t need to be there. In fact, I’ve done hundreds of successful clearings remotely. Just as I’m able to go into your Akashic record, so am I able to do that for a property, as long as I have permission from the owner or renter. It’s there that I can see what is inhabiting your home or business. I also detect what energy that Earthbound Soul or ghost is contributing to the home and its occupants.

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