How Angela realized 95% improvement in her health and Natalie Blossomed with their Akashic Record Reading and Clearings and Coaching work with Kariann


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Your Health and Relationships Matter! How Kariann's Akashic Record readings, clearings and Coaching has brought 90 - 100% improvement where medical and psychological therapies have failed. Angela's Health Success story and Natalie's Weight loss, Romance and Career Success story!

So what is all the fuss about? It’s about you taking the reigns of your life as the Powerful Creator of Your Experience!

So, how did Angela and Natalie reach their health and relationship goals???? They've had their Akashic Record, Past Life Reading and Clearing work done and have moved on to Future Abundance sessions with me. With the understanding of their Soul Gifts, Purpose and a big clearing of the Clouds or Blocks and Restrictions completed, they and all of my clients at this point are perfectly positioned to take New Action, aligned to their Soul Gifts or their Divinity as they move toward creating and achieving their goals. Their goals are known because I ask them to share what they want to create for themselves, within 3 - 6 months.

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