Clearing your unwanted Negative Karmic patterns, A Soulmate Contract cleared, clears the way for fun and freedom in all relationships! Mariah goes from nightmares to sunshine!


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So I've told you about your Soul Gifts and how when you do them, your life will begin to unfold in abundant ways for you. But it’s also important that nothing stand in the way of you doing your Divinity. It is, as I’ve mentioned before, important to clear those things unknown to you, that have been keeping you on repeat, for many lifetimes, in unwanted and sometimes really difficult, negative karmic patterns. Those negative markers are what I clear for you.

During the second half of your Akashic Record, Past Life reading and clearing, I reveal certain past lives where you made those negative choices with someone that are still on repeat. And through giving you that awareness, you’ll appreciate and be given the tools to create positive, aligned choices going forward, so you don’t reverse the clearing work I’ve done for you.

Now, just to give you an understanding of how an Akashic Record, Past Life reading and clearing can change your life for the better, I’ll share some of my client's success stories after their first Akashic Record reading and clearing.

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