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Are you a budding entrepreneur looking for inspiration to start your very first business? Or do feel that your small business is in need of a little va-va-voom? Then this podcast is essential listening. It has two elements - on the one hand your SMALL BUSINESS and on the other, YOU. Firstly, your SMALL BUSINESS. Host Rona Wheeldon from Flowerona speaks to entrepreneurs who share insights into what it takes to run a successful, sustainable and profitable business. You’ll hear how their companies have grown from ideas to reality, the challenges encountered along the way and lessons learned.Industry experts in web design, branding, marketing, photography, social media and coaching also providing insights into how to maximise your potential and build your small business, making sure that you have the essential knowledge and tools you need to grow. Secondly, YOU, the owner. Rona speaks to specialists who can help you, both mentally and physically - from fear, confidence and time management to personal styling advice, meditation and aromatherapy - you’ll gain an insight into how to prioritise your well-being. There’s so much that goes into a successful, happy entrepreneur. And listening to this podcast will ensure that you’ve got all the bases covered, when it comes to both your small business and you. So, hit subscribe, settle down and be inspired…!

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