Why Entrepreneurship Is A Continuous Journey with Ali Halabi


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MPF Discussion with Ali Halabi
Why Entrepreneurship Is A Continuous Journey with Ali Halabi
About Ali
Ali Halabi is the founder and CEO of Volt Lines, a Turkish smart mobility company that was founded in 2018 and acquired in 2022 by Swvl for a $65M deal. Before Volt Lines, Ali worked in product management, business development, and brand management across startups and corporates, notably Procter & Gamble.
On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Why Entrepreneurship Is A Continuous Journey) This was a fascinating conversation with Ali, who is a perfect example of what can be achieved when you combine vision, passion and resilience even when the odds are stacked firmly against you.
If you are an entrepreneur or you are simply curious how to navigate the numerous road bumps, disappointments, failures that successful entrepreneurs will inevitably experience on their journey and still realise your goals, then this episode is a must listen for you.
Ali is a perfect example on how we can process and use the valuable information and feedback that always comes our way to take advantage of when we experience those setbacks. Ali explains the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey that ultimately led to the successful sale of his company Volt Lines to Swvl for $65M in April of 2022. Some of the areas we cover.
The importance of discipline, drive and execution
Why we should have a vision that is more powerful than our obstacles
Making Big decisions
The value in creating your business and seeing it scale
The power of rejection
Ali Details
Recommended Resource by Ali (Providing, guidance wisdom & mentorship)
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