Transform Your Blockages and limitations with Kim White


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MPF Discussion with Kim White

Transform Your Blockages and limitations with Kim White

Life Architect Kim White, and the KWC team, transform blockages and limitations into freedom, peace, and goal achievement. He has been healing for nearly 3 decades, having created his own methodology based on the spiritual teachings of his mentor, Victor Barron.
In the early 1990s, Kim discovered healing through his passionate investigation on improving human performance, especially during pursuit of his own Olympic dreams.
Kim and his team work on homes, businesses, and individuals. The transformational healing is done with God's unconditional love and compassion and is immediate.
Kim has written four books, Is Your Money Running on Empty?, 201 Day Achievement Principle (a book and companion journal), and Winning the Game of Life, all of which can be found on Amazon.
To know more about Life Architect Kim White, visit his LinkedIn bio.

On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Transform Your Blockages and limitations) If you have any type of blockage which is disrupting your life enjoyment either physically, mentally from a personal or work perspective then this episode is a must listen for you. Kim breaks down how after major personal disappointment he found his like calling, helping people and businesses remove their blockages and limitations and allowing them to transform their lives. Some of the areas we cover.

· Kim breaks down Space Clearing.

· Kim discusses discovering Kinesiology

· Why we should not ignore the energy of our building

· Kim discussed the importance of changing his mindset around turning his weaknesses and turning into strengths

· Kim discusses running the 4-minute mile

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