Daoism Saved My Life with Nate Rifkin


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Discussion with Nate Rifkin

Daoism Saved My Life with Nate Rifkin

About Nate

Nate Rifkin used to be suicidal, drank alcohol every morning, suffered financially and even worked on street corners. However, after discovering Daoism a spiritual discipline that helped him transform his thoughts, emotions, and ultimately succeed in business and life. Nate shares very honestly his struggles and the steps he took to rebuild his life.

On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Daoism Saved My Life) Nate reveals how he was able to put his struggles into perspective and step by step transform his life after discovering Daoism. Some of the areas we cover.

· Growing up in a dysfunctional family

· Daoism: Fining the benefits of deep inner work

· Why failure is an important part of what might work for you

· Why we should Surrender to what truly is going to work for you

· The journey, struggle is required.

To Mind out more about Nate – Purchase his book

· https://www.amazon.com/Standing-Meditation-Modern-Ancient-Practice/dp/1735825956/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1

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