Greatest Hits #5 - The 1-800-GOT-JUNK Story


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We're trying a new format. Sam (@theSamParr) adds his commentary throughout the episode this week. Let him know on Twitter what you think of the change.

Brian Scudamore (@BrianScudamore) is North America’s Junk Man. He turned a $700 pickup truck into one of the world's most successful franchises. Hear how he got started, got on Oprah, stumbled and almost killed his business, and the philosophies he uses to run his multimillion dollar junk empire!


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Show notes:

* (3:41) Intro by Shaan to original episode

* (5:22) How Brian got his story out there

* (8:42) The origin story of 1-800-Got-Junk

* (19:28) How Brian got the 1-800-Got-Junk number

* (24:18) The vision board and getting on Oprah

* (34:07) How Brian tore everything down to rebuild even better

* (38:56) What Brian focuses on when hiring

* (47:07) Why business went down $40M and how Brian responded

* (51:58) Q1: What does Brian see as their breakthrough moment?

* (53:14) Q2: How does Brian get liquidity & think about money?

* (56:44) Q3: What would Brian do if he was 21 again?

* (57:58) Getting in touch with Brian

Sam's commentary:

* (1:02) Sam's intro commentary

* (4:42) Sam commentary 2

* (10:41) Sam commentary 3

* (12:46) Sam commentary 4

* (14:45) Sam commentary 5

* (15:23) Sam commentary 6

* (20:45) Sam commentary 7

* (31:16) Sam commentary 8

* (39:46) Sam commentary 9

* (41:33) Sam commentary 10

* (54:44) Sam commentary 11

* (59:33) Sam final commentary

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