How to Remove Negative Product Reviews / Change Amazon Categories Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A 08/19/2022


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00:00 Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - 08.19.2022
10:04 banned MAG
11:04 How many brands do you have on Amazon
12:41 Submitted compliance documentation for a few of my products and they've been "under review" status for over 3 weeks now
13:57 New product arrived at the FBA warehouse but is not ready to launch yet. Should I future date my products or just close the listing
15:41 How can you get across to Amazon that the reason for your higher return rate than normal is because it's a love/hate product and not faulty
17:08 Competitor is always showing last 8 to 12 in stock or similar low number, the sell about 10 to 25 per day, how can they do this when it's an FBA product
17:55 Can you have your main image include a picture of the product in use which is part of the instruction shown on the carry bag
18:20 When suspending a product for a borderline case, would Amazon take into account the decision to suspend if the seller had an enormous PPC spend on this product
18:59 ASIN Review B0B4JRZ4L6
24:48 ASIN Review: B07L3LWLHC
33:15 ASIN Review: B09B4M6TRQ
36:57 Where can I view a report on the seller central linking method program to promote products
38:11 How to change company EIN in Amazon
39:44 Is there a way to export a stand-alone listing as an excel sheet
40:34 B09B4S7KK6 got four 1-star reviews from people who didn't even buy my product
45:43 What do you recommend for someone who wants to start an Ad Agency
47:08 ASIN Review: B093RN8MYZ
49:39 In Google Ads esp Google shopping sometimes I will see an Amazon listing. How do I make this with Amazon PPC to show on Google
54:19 Is there a MAG pick-fu code we can use
55:06 When I launch should I feature my professional-looking box in the main listing image next to my product
59:20 I would like a professional video made for my listing
1:01:38 5 years ago, listed a lot of my products on eBay and bought GS1 UPCs. I now am Brand Registered and am terrified of AMZ delisting my highly profitable ASINS for invalid UPC
1:04:56 My list price was showing for many weeks, but now it is not displaying
1:05:33 Should we duplicate words in each Alt Texts photo or treat them like Search Term field
1:07:30 I have my new products under the $30 GTINs with my Brand Name, but not a GS1 brand prefix account
1:08:32 Is doing a manufacturer name change in SC edit impossible
1:09:07 When sending google traffic and to make sure google has the correct Amazon link, how does the link should look
1:10:31 Amazon keeps refusing to change categories of an ASIN because they say purchases are being made from the existing browse node
1:11:30 How to count characters or byes on a document on a Mac computer
1:12:46 How to download bulk active listings catalog which includes weight, dimensions, and ASINs in seller central
1:14:00 Saw this week some KW that didn't have any organic ranking till the middle of the page. Do you think this will be the future you will only come up through ads
1:15:21 What’s the best way to keep track of stock and put in new orders when having 60 items 30 of them items sell 100-350 pieces a day and some items only fits 3000 pieces on a 40HQ container
1:18:27 Had an automatic removal of about 14 units, the slower seller. How can I set it to pay storage fees vs sending me back my inventory
1:19:02 Was almost offered Premium A+ content but Amazon indicated I was missing brand story on 2 listings
1:19:50 Amazon declined my brand registry saying the website doesn't match the brand
1:20:46 Can you please share the link to a video where the ratio between organic and sponsored KWs in indexing is explained
1:21:55 How many products do you need in order to create your brand store
1:22:54 In process of premium content, for that ASIN these should be premi

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