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From Japanese and American Southern roots, Grace has a taste for many cultures. And though she be little, standing at a whopping 4'10.5 (the half makes a big difference), she be fierce. She began dancing at 3, doing voice overs for radio and acting by 5 and became enthralled in storytelling and drama. Before graduating high school, she had already hosted several shows for a travel series, announced on air for FRIDAYS on Cartoon Network, became an award-winning mime, and failed algebra three times.

Grace is the reigning Miss North Georgia Agricultural Fair Queen because upon her crowning, she was promised a funnel cake. Moving from her hometown of Dalton, GA to Chattanooga, TN, Grace became a choreographer and marketing director for a regional theatre company. Following her win for Best Actress Award for her role as Princess Fiona in Shrek (at the historic Tivoli Theatre), Grace moved to NYC. She graduated from Upright Citizen's Brigade and The Barrow Group’s respective performing programs. It was under the training of Seth Barrish (Mike Birbiglia’s The New One) that she developed a solo play entitled ‘To Free a Mockingbird.’ As a comedian, she hosts the comedy show “SWEET MEAT.” She is the host of the storytelling podcast ‘Tell me on a Sunday’, and a daily Broadway News correspondent for Broadway Radio. Grace is the Marketing Strategist for the Grammy Award Winning Record Label, Broadway Records. As a visual artist, she sells her watercolor and ink prints on Etsy and in retail establishments across the US. When she’s not doing all that, she feeds her cat.


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