067 - Jason Bay on Non-Salesy Sales


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You might already be cringing at the title to this episode, so first a little background. Jason and I are both alumni of an entrepreneurial training program called College Works Painting. My time in this program was hugely influential in my life and career and it’s where I got my first taste of sales training. I am constantly drawing on my sales experience from this business and Jason has taken this many levels beyond what we learned back in the day, so I’m excited for what he has to say.

I know sales is a topic that musicians tend to cringe at. Actually, people in general tend to feel this way, but I think you’ll find Jason’s approach really refreshing and not at all icky.

I thought this was a good topic to cover as the new year approaches and it’s often a season where we get a lot of inquiries. You’ll get tons of actionable advice on how to handle those initial inquiry emails, how to follow up with prospects, and even how to reach out to potential referring partners.

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