#35 - It’s a Floor Wax. It’s a Dessert Topping. Stop! You’re Both Right! ...with Alex Shapiro


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Composer Alex Shapiro joins the show to talk about a little bit of everything!--> getting young students to compose, the importance of composing repertoire for young musicians, writing electro-acoustic music, her curriculum Putting the E in Ensemble, the social implications of modern and future technology, her amazing studio space, and more. Join Patreon for extended conversation about technology and overcoming blocks in the creative process.

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Putting the E in Ensemble Links

Curriculum: - https://www.alexshapiro.org/Shapiro-E-ensemble_Syllabus.html

Wind Band music: - https://www.alexshapiro.org/ASWindBand.html

Show Notes:

The Great Hack - Netflix

The Social Dilemma - Netflix

Christopher Cicconi appearance on Music Ed Tech Talk

Off the Edge - Alex Shapiro

Tight Squeeze - Alex Shapiro

Rock Music - Alex Shapiro

Count to Ten - Alex Shapiro

Toothpaste privacy Tweet thread

Apple WWDC 2021

My Scale Play-Along Tracks

App of the Week:

Robby - Magnet

Alex - Two Dots / SpellTower

Album of the Week:

Robby - Sarah Jarosz - Blue Heron Suite

Alex - O Seguinte é Esse / Howling, featuring RY X and Frank Wiedemann: Sacred Ground

Tech Tip of the Week:

Robby - Try widgets!

Alex - Back up your stuff! / Let other people beta test

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