Tailored Nutrition for Elite Performers #298


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As high-achievers, we know that nutrition, like pursuing any goal at a high level, is nuanced. So it won’t be surprising to hear that the ideal nutrition plan doesn't exist, or at least not an ongoing plan.

Your nutrition plan is only optimal in as much as it matches your current circumstance and goal…

So an ideal nutrition plan is an adaptive process. As your stress, sleep, workouts, even the seasons, or anything else changes... you should adapt your nutrition based on what your body needs at that moment.

It sounds complicated… but it’s easier than you probably think. And I explain it all in today’s podcast.

You'll learn:

  • How to Assess Your Body’s Daily Nutritional Needs
  • The Key to Optimal and Maximum Absorption
  • The Two MOST Important Things to Invest in Nutritionally
  • Minimizing Inflammation: Which Foods to Avoid
  • The TOP Brain Foods to Improve Cognitive Function

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