SERIAL KILLER: The Wests (part 2)


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*WARNING: This episode contains description that some listeners may find distressing, listener discretion is strongly advised.* Your parents are supposed to love you unconditionally. Your mother holds you in her stomach for 9 months, ensuring you are ready to face the outside world before giving birth to you. She’s supposed to nurture you, care for you, want the best in life for you. And your father likewise. He’s supposed to love you, teach you how to ride your bike and how to swim. Your parents are supposed to support you through everything life throws at you and be there to celebrate the good times with you. Parents are supposed to set an example to their children, but 2 parents, Fred and Rose West, weren’t at all nurturing or caring towards their children. In fact, they committed some of the worst acts a person could commit against a child. Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr (@murderandmore), Instagram (@murderandmorepod) and Facebook (Murder and More Podcast/@mandmpod). Become a patron of Murder and More by heading over to

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