MURDERED: Rhys Jones


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According to the Serious Organised Crime Agency, organised crime related to gangs is focused in larger cities, in places such as London, Manchester and Liverpool. Gang related organised crime also can be found across the West Midlands, the South Coast and generally in Northern England. The Serious Organised Crime Agency reported that London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool have some of the highest rates of gang-related crime, with gangs accounting for 65% of all firearm murders in England and Wales. In Liverpool, street gangs have been around since the mid 19th century. Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr (@murderandmore), Instagram (@murderandmorepod) and Facebook (Murder and More Podcast/@mandmpod). View the sources and pictures for this episode at Become a patron of Murder and More by heading to This episode's podcast promo is Brew Crime. Music: Atmospheric Piano Backing, Beautiful Piano Theme and Leave Without Me,

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