MURDERED: Rachel Moran


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A huge thank you to Stuart from British Murders and Jenny from It’s Murder Up North for their voice over for this episode.
Plan International UK suggests that 63% of women in Britain feel unsafe walking alone in the dark. It’s an innate fear, one that’s reinforced in childhood. Stranger danger dictates that all strangers are dangerous, and that you should never interact with strangers in the street, a child should never accept sweets off of a stranger and you should never walk off or get into a car with a stranger. The occurrence of the Moors Murders, murders committed by Levi Bellfield and the abduction and murder of Sarah Payne in 2000, has made the idea of stranger danger even more significant. While most of these warnings are aimed at children, adults should remain wary of strangers too, because while stranger abductions are extremely rare in the UK, they do happen.
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