108 - How Long Is It Going to Take O'Halloran to Wash the Dumpster Off? (S5E20 Lowdown)


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This week, The Randomizer selected "Lowdown," which features Fin's exquisite description of "down low" culture. Sadly, this episode goes so hard on inappropriate "humor" that Josh was forced to make a running count of things you wouldn't (and shouldn't) say on TV in 2022. As we break this down, you'll hear about the police riot on Adam's block, Kevin Brown's sinker, and the art of mise-en-scène. You won't, however, hear the nearly 50 minutes of wild digressions about dumplings, Kenny Rogers, Kelvin's muscle boys, and the Kinsey scale unless you subscribe to our Patreon.
Divorcio Suave - "Munchy Business"
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Next Week’s Episode: Season 15, Episode 16 "Gridiron Soldier"

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