Episode 47 - Alaskan Bull Worm


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Jillian and Haley bring a Happy Thanksgiving to you with the story of Ryan Osman's run-in with quicksand in Zion National Park. Haley then talks about the conservation and ecology of the Mexican Spotted Owl in a new segment highlight the vulnerable and endangered species that live in the dangerous habitats we talk about - we are biologists after all.


I Was Trapped in Quicksand for 12 Hours in a Blizzard, Ryan Osmun and Jason Daley, Outside Online

Arizona hiker rescued from quicksand in Zion National Park Tells Full Story, 12 News

Quicksand traps Zion hiker in freezing creek for 10 hours, Mike Moffitt, SFGATE

They were hiking in the wilderness with no cell service. Then they fell into quicksand, Kayla Epstein, The Washington Post

Can quicksand really suck you to your death? Claudia Hammond, BBC

Zion National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

Mexican Spotted Owl (U.S. National Park Service)

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