Episode 33 - Clearly You're The A**hole


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Haley and Jillian discuss a news story in which a polar bear climbed onto a woman's roof after hitching a ride from the Arctic on an Iceberg, and Jillian gets into some true crime/survival combo with the story of Terry Jo Dupperault and her harrowing experience on the open sea.


'I looked right into his face': St. Anthony woman recounts her too-close-for-comfort encounter with curious polar bear, Diane Crocker, Saltwire

The Horrific Survival Tale of the 11-Year-Old Girl Who Was Orphaned At Sea, Gabe Paoletti, All That Is Interesting

Orphaned on the Ocean: The Story of Terry Jo Duperrault, Lily Rowan, History Daily

Book ‘Em: Alone, Orphaned on the Ocean, Barry Leibowitz, CBS News

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