Episode 26 - Don't Trust A Goose


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Jillian gives some updates on the Tonga Tsunami of 2022 and a recent news story about a dog that gets saved by a sausage on a drone. Then Jillian and Haley discuss the fascinating mystery of the disappearance of George Mallory and Sandy Irvine on Mount Everest. Did they summit Everest first? Listen to find out.

Three Tiny Islands Have Borne the Brunt of Tonga's Tsunami, Natasha Frost, New York Times

Stranded Dog Saved From Rising Tide After Rescuers Attach Sausage to Drone, Steven Morris, The Guardian

George Mallory, British Explorer and Mountaineer, Encyclopedia Britannica

What Really Happened to George Mallory and Irvine? Killer Climbs

Mount Everest--Archaeology in the Death Zone, Lars Pilø, Secrets of the Ice

Ghosts of Everest, Eric Simonson, Jochen Hemmleb, Larry Johnson, Outside Magazine

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