Episode 18 - Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes


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Haley and Jillian return to spooky season to finish out the mysterious tale of Franklin's Lost Northwest Passage Expedition of 1845, and Haley fills us in on the updates from the recent, tragic case of Gabbi Petito*. Apologies from Jillian for forgetting to cite her sources - they are all present below the description.

*update, cause of death has been released as strangulation


What Happened to the Doomed Franklin Expedition? These Are the Clues Kieran Mulvaney, History.com

What Happened to the HMS Erebus and Terror? Royal Museums Greenwich

What Happened to the Franklin Expedition? Outpost Heads to Nunavut to Find Out, Evan Solomon, Outpost Magazine

Hunt for the Arctic Ghost Ship, Channel 4 Documentary

Inside the HMS Terror, Bangor Daily News

Further Media:

The Terror, Dan Simmons

The Terror on Hulu (can also stream on AMC or Amazon Prime)

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