Episode 220: A Morpheus Soul Rapport 111: Theo Rossi


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Behind The Scenes Gene...
It's episode ONE HUNDRED & ELEVEN of A Morpheus Soul Rapport and once again you will be listening to an incredibly dope line up of timeless hip-hop music featuring the Super Dope Art of King Kashmere, Lee Scott & Sly Moon, DVNTBEATS, Stik Figa & Conductor Williams, Planet Asia, Fresh Daily, Crimeapple, 2 Hungry Bros & Homeboy Sandman, Lucky Seven, Melanin 9, Wavy da Ghawd, Mach-Hommy x Tha God Fahim, Jae Skeese, Stack Skrilla x Comma Uno, Loopheavy, Chris Skillz & Zain, Chong Wizard, Ambassador Rick of The Opioid Era, Ty Farris, Dr. Syntax & Tom Caruana, Mosik Rhymes, Ransom & Rome Streetz, Kaytranada, Your Old Droog, Imported Goodz, Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon, DJ Muggs, Blu, Jameel Na'im X & Mephux, Mike Digi, Eddie Kaine, Lord Juco, Ronnie Alpha, Evidence, Radamiz, Swank & King Draft, Rasheed Chappell & XP The Marxman, Illa Styles & VeRs, Willie The Kid, Apollo Brown & Stalley and N.R.F.S.
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N.R.F.S.(Neak, Rashid Hadee, F.A.B.L.E, Since9ine6ix)
- Nostalgia, Nothing Sweeter [Produced By Neak] (N.R.F.S.)
DVNTBEATS featuring Tha God Fahim - Windy City (Soundcloud EP)
Lee Scott & Sly Moon featuring Franky Bones - Nobody Does This (FDMB)
Stik Figa & Conductor Williams - Sad Crying Clown In An Iron Lung (Joyland)
King Kashmere - Soul Calibur ('95 Mix) [Produced By Alecs De Large]
Lucky Seven featuring Elcamino - Motorbike Music
[Produced By Soundmason] (Lucky & The Laser Gun)
2 Hungry Bros & Homeboy Sandman - Sun Worship (Senile Chef)
Jae Skeese featuring Auragino, 7xvethegenius, Conway & Iesha Green
- All In [Produced By Jay Chat] (Revolver Ocelot)
Planet Asia featuring Evidence - Stay For Credits
[Produced By Evidence] (Rule Of Thirds)
Fresh Daily featuring Quelle Chris & So-So - Stank Dreams
[Produced By Tuamie] (The Quiet Life 2)
Mach-Hommy x Tha God Fahim featuring JuJu Gotti - King Georgie
(DUCK CZN: Chinese Algebra)
Stack Skrilla x Comma Uno - Blunt Ride (Outta Sight Outta Mind)
Chris Skillz & Zain featuring Left Lane Didon & Blu - Sun's Rays (The Void)
Chong Wizard featuring Sonny Jim & Juga-Naut - The Only Way
(Blessing Season)
Ty Farris - Deemed Us Useless
[Produced By Nicholas Craven] (No Cosign Just Cocaine 4)
Ambassador Rick of The Opioid Era - F​*​*​* You Thought
(The Tape Nobody Made)
Dr. Syntax & Tom Caruana - Get Your Dad Off The Internet (Crumbs)
Kaytranada featuring Mach-Hommy - $payforhaiti (Intimidated EP)
Blu - Mr. Blu(e) [Produced By Exile] (The Color Blu(e)
Mosik Rhymes featuring Vic Spencer - First (Visa Tape)
Melanin 9 featuring Lewis Parker - Cloudsteppa
[Lewis Parker Remix] (Amulets: Remastered Edition)
Wavy da Ghawd featuring Rome Streetz - 1000 Voltz (Ghawd's Eden)
Ransom & Rome Streetz - Rooftop Sermons
[Produced By V Don] (Coup De Grâce)
Your Old Droog featuring Nickelus F - Mojito (Space Bar)
DJ Muggs featuring RLX - Have A Bad Day (Winter 2)
Imported Goodz featuring Westside Gunn - Untitled Drum 04
(Untitled Drums Deluxe)
Jameel Na'im X & Mephux featuring Flee Lord - Winning (Viktor)
Crimeapple - I Know You Know I Know (Sancocho)
Mike Digi featuring Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon - We Made It Right, It's Up Now
(Kindred Binge)
Eddie Kaine - Guap Knot [Produced By NCL​-​TM]
(Deeply Rooted Hip Hop presents Sleeping Giant: Awakens)
Fresh Daily featuring ScienZe, Ivan Ave & Rue Brown - Peace, Be Still
[Produced By Shungu] (The Quiet Life 2)
Chong Wizard featuring Nolan The Ninja, Nate Barksdale & Sean Rosati
- I Don't Wanna Come Down (Blessing Season)
Lord Juco - Gorgeous George (Raised Right)
Ronnie Alpha featuring Dango Forlaine - Nautica x Carhartt (Sun Chains)
Radamiz featuring Marlon Craft - Caterpillar
[Produced By WASEEL, choob & Jack Monk] (Every Bad Day Has Good News)
Illa Styles & VeRs featuring Jasmine Blooms - Mars Vs. Venus (IllaVeRs)
Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon featuring Navy Blue - I Miss You (Beautifully Black)
Swank & King Draft - Ego Trippin (Long Story Short)
2 Hungry Bros & Homeboy Sandman - Animal Kingdom (Senile Chef)
Your Old Droog featuring Tha God Fahim - Blue Hawaiian (Space Bar)
Loopheavy featuring Rejjie Snow - Questions
(Gangster Doodles: Gangster Music Vol. 2)
Rasheed Chappell & XP The Marxman featuring DJ Eclipse & Oran Juice Jones
- Water To Wine [Produced By Slide Beatz] (RX)
Willie The Kid featuring Hus Kingpin - Rarefied Air
[Produced By Streeta G] (Keep Watching The Fly)
Apollo Brown & Stalley - Blacklight (Blacklight)
Peace, Love and Music.

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