Episode 218: A Morpheus Soul Rapport 109: The UK Takeover Panel (Side B)


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Beans On Toast...Original Sunday Roast.
It's episode ONE HUNDRED & NINE of A Morpheus Soul Rapport and for the second time around you will be listening to an incredible line up of timeless homegrown British Hip-Hop Music...
The UK Takeover Panel (Side B) features the Super Dope Art of Micall Parknsun with Cosm, Motman, Kinetik and Giallo Point, The Four Owls, Jack Jetson, Cyclonious, Scor-zay-zee, Tha 4orce, Da Flyy Hooligan, Loyle Carner, MC Nelson, Juga-Naut & Sonnyjim, Kieron Boothe, Benny Diction, Essa, Children Of Zeus, Joker Starr, Confucius MC, HPBLK, Verbz & Mr Slipz, Jehst, Mysdiggi and DJ DSK, Klashnekoff, Chima Anya & SoulChef, KinKai, Funky DL, Foreign Beggars, Chillman, Verb T & Pitch 92, Crusada, Oliver Sudden, PhybaOptikz, Lewis Parker, Mr Jukes & Barney Artist, Ocean Wisdom, Lee Scott, Mosik Rhymes, Tom Caruana, Blak Twang and Tesla's Ghost.
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Micall Parknsun & Giallo Point featuring Sonnyjim & PhybaOptikz - Verbatim
(The Magnum Opus: The Director's Cut Edition)

The Four Owls featuring Smellington Piff - Sound The Alarm
(Nocturnal Instinct)

Scor-zay-zee - Good Grammar
[Produced By Mecca:83] (Aeon: Peace To The Puzzle)

Jack Jetson featuring Luso - Pitch Invasion (Umbrellahead)

Cosm & Micall Parknsun featuring Juga-Naut & C.O.N-Verse
- Mount Olympus (Aspetta)

Cyclonious - Get Them Hands High (The Chosen)

Tha 4orce - Set Standards (Set Standards EP)

Motman & Micall Parknsun featuring Ray Vendetta, Flowtecs & Tom Ryan
- Belly Of The Beast (The 3rd Tier)

Da Flyy Hooligan - Sean Price (S.C.U.M.)

Loyle Carner - Sea Shells (A Little Late EP)

Juga-Naut & Sonnyjim featuring Vandal Savage - Lamborghini Dreams
(The Purple Door)

Kieron Boothe - Tea And A Zoot
[Produced By Tom Misch] (The Lone Wolf: Volume One)

MC Nelson - Up North (Anglosfear)

Benny Diction featuring EF Knows & Oliver Sudden - Schweppes
[Produced By Ro Jista] (Facepalm / Brainwave?)

Children Of Zeus - Respect Mine (Travel Light)

Joker Starr featuring Micall Parknsun - Farrakhan (G.A.W.D.)

Confucius MC - Gazpacho Soup
[Produced By Keor Meteor] (Somewhere)

HPBLK featuring Kosyne - Lightwork
[Produced By Phill Blanks] (The All Natural Supernatural)

Verbz & Mr Slipz featuring Confucius MC & Coops - Decline Of Self
(Radio Waves)

Essa - Easy (The Misadventures Of A Middle Man)

Mysdiggi and DJ DSK - I Know You Got Sole (Heaven)
(I Know You Got Sole: Digi Single)

Klashnekoff - Our Time
[Produced By Lewis Parker] (The Sagas Of Klashnekoff)

Chima Anya & SoulChef - Coincidental (Modern Fairytale)

KinKai featuring Children of Zeus - Top Down
[Produced By Paya] (A Pennies Worth - Volume One)

Funky DL featuring Abioseh & Songer - The Trilogy (TWENTY)

Jehst - 44th Floor (Billy Green is Dead)

Foreign Beggars featuring Lee Scott & Sonnyjim - Jet Skeet (Matriarchy LP)

Chillman featuring Verb T - You are You (Abstract Patterns)

Verb T & Pitch 92 featuring Rye Shabby - A Question Of Time
(A Question Of Time)

PhybaOptikz x Giallo Point featuring Sonnyjim - Torch Bearers
(Voynich Manuscript)

Crusada - 300 Gladiators (Gladiatorial)

Oliver Sudden featuring Phyba & 25 - N.O.P (Sudden Impact)

Lewis Parker - Nothing But Aces (The 45 Collection)

Mr Jukes & Barney Artist - Gratitude (The Locket)

Kinetik & Micall Parknsun - The First Time (Spin Cycle)

Ocean Wisdom featuring Rodney P & Roots Manuva - Righteous
[Produced By Alhamra] (Wizville)

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon featuring Riski - Somnambulent (Wallop)

Mosik Rhymes featuring Sonnyjim - Visa Debit (Visa Tape)

Tom Caruana featuring Micall Parknsun & DJ Fidel Cutstro - On It (Brewing Up)

Blak Twang - Masterchef Sandwich (Word Lab)

Tesla's Ghost featuring The Odd Couple - Sword & Spear
(Legion - We Are Many)
Peace, Love and Music.

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