Episode 217: A Morpheus Soul Rapport 108: The UK Takeover Panel (Side A)


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You've got more rabbit than Sainsbury's, It's time you got it off your chest...
It's episode ONE HUNDRED & EIGHT of A Morpheus Soul Rapport and for the very first time in this series, you will be listening to an incredible line up of timeless homegrown British Hip-Hop Music ONLY!!
The UK Takeover Panel (Side A) features the Super Dope Art of Confucius MC, Ramson Badbonez, The Mouse Outfit, Chester P, MC Nelson, Verbz & Mr Slipz, Oblique Strategies (Mr Brown & Cappo), Coops, Gee Bag x Illinformed, Funky DL, Children Of Zeus, Awate, Da Flyy Hooligan, Vandal Savage, Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing, Polo Palace, TULIP88, Abnormal Sleepz, Verb T, Chillman, Mosik Rhymes, Leaf Dog, Jehst, DRS, Tom Caruana, Juga-Naut, REMI, Gawd Status, Robert featuring Rag N Bone Man, Dirty Dike & Skinnyman, Fliptrix, HPBLK, Joker Starr, Teslas Ghost, Roots Raddix, Phyba & Stu Bangas, Pitch 92, Astro Blacksmith & Koncise, Little Simz, Mr Jukes & Barney Artist, Lewis Parker, Oliver Sudden, Lord Apex and Sonnyjim.
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Confucius MC - Land Of The Free (Somewhere)
The Mouse Outfit featuring Dubbul O, Sparkz & Ellis Meade - Repeat
(Jagged Tooth Crook)
Chester P - The Ballad Of A Drunken Spaceman (The Nameless Project)
Ramson Badbonez featuring Kashmere, Truemendous, MysDiggi, Micall Parknsun, Joker Starr, Gee Bag, Confucius, Jehst & Phoenix Da Icefire - Black Hole Cypher (Lead By Example)
MC Nelson - Black Brit...ish (Anglosfear)
Oblique Strategies (Mr Brown & Cappo) - Superfoods (Raw Pastiche)
Coops - Crimes Against Creation (Crimes Against Creation)
Gee Bag x Illinformed - Benjamin Button (Respect Ya Elders!)
Children Of Zeus - I.D.S.F.A. (The Winter Tape)
Verbz & Mr Slipz - Iron Grip (Iron Grip)
Awate - Guillotines (Happiness)
Da Flyy Hooligan - Lebanon (Fylpm II)
Vandal Savage & Sonnyjim - Holy Mackrel (Sauvage)
Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing - Don't You Care (Finish What We Started)
Polo Palace (Da Flyy Hooligan, Sonnyjim & Juga-Naut) - Nat King Coke
(Palace Polo)
TULIP88 featuring Cappo - Hidden Notes (In These Dreams)
Mosik Rhymes - Khaki Army Suit (Recreation)
Abnormal Sleepz - The Truth (Smoke Break) (Meditape III)
Mosik Rhymes featuring Badi - Eventyr (Visa Tape)
Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing featuring Joker Starr, Jehst & Essa
- Klingon Face [Remix]
Leaf x Farma - Consume (Consume)
Leaf Dog - Roll With Me (Live From The Balrog Chamber)
Jehst - State Of The Union (Freestyle) [Produced By Pitch 92] (Heathens EP)
Sonnyjim - Hollywood Henderson
[Produced By Billy Bushkiller] (The Real Bobby Dazzler)
DRS - How Sweet It Is (From The Deep)
Tom Caruana featuring Skuff - Also (Brewing Up)
Sonnyjim & Machacha featuring Vandal Savage - Scale Scholars
(New Phone Who Dis)
Juga-Naut featuring Taja & Oliver Rees - Yellow Glow (Bem)
Juga-Naut - M1 North (Bon Vivant)
Gawd Status (King Kashmere & Joker Starr) - Messiah Hybrids (Firmamentum)
Chillman - Royal with Cheese (Abstract Patterns)
Robert featuring Rag N Bone Man, Dirty Dike & Skinnyman - Porridge [Remix] (Porridge EP)
Fliptrix featuring The Four Owls - C4 (Light Work)
HPBLK - Goldeneye (The All Natural Supernatural)
Funky DL featuring Klashnekoff - Relentless (Def)
Juga-Naut featuring Tommy Nova - Yellow Auras (Bon Vivant)
Joker Starr featuring TheManInTheBook - Whatever Happened
[Produced By Micall Parknsun] (Poor Traits Of A King)
Da Flyy Hooligan & Teslas Ghost featuring Ray Vendetta - Widows Web (Flyghost)
Roots Raddix featuring Woddy Green, Layfullstop & Zz, The Slept On - Lo-Fi
(Off the Bench EP)
Verb T & Illinformed featuring The Four Owls - Lifesaver
(The Land Of The Foggy Skies)
Phyba & Stu Bangas featuring Sonnyjim - International Fashion (Magnolia)
Pitch 92 featuring Jehst - Live From London (Intervals)
Astro Blacksmith & Koncise - Woods (Void Revisited) (Raw Rap Material)
REMI - Goin Up (Fried)
Little Simz featuring Cleo Sol - Woman [Produced By Inflo]
(Sometimes I Might Be Introvert)
Mr Jukes & Barney Artist - Vibrate (The Locket)
Lewis Parker featuring Verbz - When It Rains It Pours (When It Rains It Pours)
Oliver Sudden featuring The Strange Neighbour & Gee Bag - Every Step
(Sudden Impact)
Lord Apex - Love Me Or Hate Me (Smoke Sessions 3)
Peace, Love and Music.

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