56: A Lil' More Vitamin Jeez w/ Carah Burrell (aka Nuancehoe)


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Buckle up! We've got a fun for you this week as we welcome Carah Burrell (aka Nuancehoe) and chat about her story, finding ourselves post faith crisis and approaching life with more....nuance.
Carah is amazing and her story will resonate so much. Enjoy!
About Carah

Carah Burrell, AKA Nuancehoe, spent 30 years in the Mormon church as well as several years living in the not-so-Mormon world of stand-up comedy. After some time in LA, Carah moved back to her home state of Utah to pursue the standard Mormon housewife life, all for her shelf to come crashing down in 2019. Carah’s TikTok channel "Nuancehoe" started as a way for her to satirize Mormonism, but quickly snowballed into a career, permanently landing her as the new producer and co-host of Mormon Stories.
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